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About Rod

Rodney J. Davis, better known as Rod, is a former corporate executive with considerable experience from leading global Human Resources organizations for many years. During this time he documented many lessons he learned in blog posts which can be found here on this site. These posts cover such topics as motivation, training, talent development, and building successful people centric business organizations.

Rod is also a business coach who is dedicated to helping you learn Technology and how it impacts your daily life.  Through his site he provides free tutorials that help you navigate and more clearly understand how commonly used tools and online programs work and operate with the goal of helping you become more efficient or tech savvy in your online or other business pursuits.

If you’re looking for tutorials on such tools as Google Calendar, Gmail, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Booking Systems like Genbook tutorials, is your best source. 

Rod can also give you One on One Training, and business coaching if you want such support.