HONK HONK!! Technology Coming Through!

HONK HONK!! Technology Coming Through!

Let’s Go For It Now

Hello there . . . If you’re out here in the world struggling to make your way . . . living on the edge

     . . . But want real success . . . Read On.

First, you’ve got to know the system is rigged against you

The highest probability is that from your birth you have been denied a real, high quality education, barred access to excellent housing, screened out of the competition for meaningful employment, and priced out of high quality health care.

Let me elaborate a little more: Access to the best schools depends upon where you live - - - in most countries that means your zip code and the wealth of your family. Getting good housing depends upon your race, ethnicity and level of wealth and few people qualify. And your wealth, friends and the supporters you cultivate through schools and community experiences determine your ability to obtain meaningful employment and high quality health care.

And to top things off - your ability to change things is limited because your ability to exercise your right to vote or to move to better locations and opportunities is being suppressed by people at the top who are desperate to keep their level of power to themselves.

More simply put: the system requires losers (you and me) so that those in charge can continue to be the only winners.

Second, you need your own system

. . . One that is always accessible and driven by you . . . a real education . . . meaningful employment with growth opportunity that positions you to be the winner!!

That probably means you need to re-educate yourself and the burden of doing that is going to have to be born by you yourself. That’s because your employer wants you to do your job more so than it wants you to re-tool yourself through more education and training. And because by cutting taxes on corporations and the rich your local, state and federal governments eliminate revenues that pay for services providing your re-training.

If you’re working, you probably don’t really have the time to enter school full time. And if you’re not working you probably can’t afford the expense of school.

But without re-education you are not likely to find more meaningful employment. And the newly created more meaningful jobs primarily go to better trained and higher credentialed applicants.

This is truly a dilemma that you must solve!

Third, a transformational technological tsunami has started and it may be the answer. According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) report on its annual international meeting in 2016, the technical revolution is “. . . changing everything and everybody . . . replacing industries and people with robotics, artificial intelligence and thinking machines.”  Your job may be at stake if you are working. You may be replaced by some form of technology. (1)


The WEF report projects that jobs, businesses and industries will be greatly transformed with losses and gains across the economy by 2020. Interviews of 350 executives across 9 industries in 15 of the world’s largest economies, conclude that current trends “. . . could lead to a net employment impact of more than 5.1 million jobs lost due to disruptive labor market changes over the period between 2015 – 2020, with a total loss of 7.1 million jobs. Two thirds of these job losses will be concentrated in jobs that have highly repetitive task responsibilities such as clerical, administrative, construction and manufacturing positions.” (2)

See exhibit 1 below which is lifted from Figure 6 of the WEF’s report. 

   Total net loss of 5135 million jobs projected, 2015-2020. (2)


US job loss of 47% projected, 2015-2020.(3)(4)


BUT – A total gain of 2.0 million new jobs will be created in business and financial operations, management, computer and mathematical, architecture and engineering technical areas. (2)

Clearly you must make these technical areas the primary focus and target of your re-education.

It’s time now to make your move . . . If you catch this wave right

. . . It can be your system. . . Your pathway to becoming the winner you are meant to be.

Brief Personal History . . . After 45 years chasing corporate success training and developing people

. . . I retired at the top of my career path

. . . But felt unfulfilled . . . still hungry for more.

Then I learned about this technological revolution

. . . A tsunami that is wiping out industries, destroying careers, eliminating jobs, uprooting families and changing the economy

But most importantly, it is also creating jobs and new opportunities for people who prepare.

To Prepare  . . . means learning and developing computer technical skills and knowledge

So . . . I established a company to help people like you and me learn and develop these skills and knowledge.

The company is called Burn To Learn (BLT). Its mission is to provide re-education and training so people can find new technical careers and employment opportunities and, as a result, survive if not thrive in today’s technical revolution. Go to www.burntolearn.com

Burn To Learn is a website on YouTube offering quick, concise, easy to follow training videos on computer programs, Apps and more. We have produced nearly 200 videos to date, have over 200,000 viewers, nearly 1000 subscribers and operate in over 200 countries around the world. Our appeal is that you learn at your own convenience, at your own pace, and at anytime 24/7. And most importantly, our videos respect your time lasting about 3 minutes on average. Go to www.youtube.com/c/BurntoLearn

Burn To Learn partners with a talented technical team called The Online Help Team (OHT) and is based in Mexico. OHT is comprised of a principal program developer (its owner and technical leader), writers, editors, script writers, film producers and folks who do voice-overs.

BLT and OHT have mastered the challenges of remote management and operation. We are a strong, tight knit team and an international organization. But none of the members have ever actually met one another face-to-face.

Want to learn more about Burn To Learn? Catch my next blog post.

Rod Davis


Email – rodney@burntolearn.com

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